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The statute also defines “security control,” “malicious cyber command and control,” and “cyber threat indicator.”

Although these definitions help to illuminate the purpose of the legislation, the Cybersecurity Act does not directly explain what lawmakers meant by “cybersecurity.”

A day rarely passes without another report of a major cybersecurity incident. Hackers routinely breach the systems of retailers, stealing consumer credit card data, social security numbers, and other valuable personal information.


  • Attackers launch distributed denial-of-service attacks, knocking some of the most popular websites offline for hours or days.Home security webcams become remote spying devices. Even the U.S. electoral system is compromised by hacks of the email accounts o
  • In the increasingly frequent news coverage of these attacks, commentators, and lawmakers demand immediate and swift legal solutions to prevent further damage. The constant media coverage begs the question: How well do our existing laws address cybersecuri

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